Catching up

I have been knitting up a storm and really need to post some of my finished objects.  Here is what I have been up to from August 2015-February 2016.

I have also started sewing again.  I made an apron for my youngest.  I have cut out the material for the next apron for my oldest.  Pictures to come later.

Another thing that has been keeping me company are my audio books.  My current favorite that I have listened to is “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline read by Wil Wheaton.  It is set in the not to distant future during a time were the real world is undesirable to live in and everyone plugs in to an on-line world called the Oasis.  There is a game to win billions all you have to do is win the game, but the key is your knowledge of the 80’s.  It is wonderfully read with great enthusiasm by Wil Wheaton.

The other stories I am enjoying are the Lord of “The Rings Trilogy” by J.R.R. Tolkien and read by Rob Inglis.  I am on the last of  book “Return of the King.”  I have read these book before, but it has been enjoyable listening to them again.  It feels exciting and familiar, like coming home after a long absence.

I have “The Golden Compass” by Philip Pullman read by a full cast next on my queue.  I have read this book before when it was first released, but I am looking forward to listening to it.


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