Grilled Pizza

We just made grilled pizza today and it was a hit!  I used this recipe.  It took a bit to get our grill up to 550 degrees F.  We used paper towel coated in some vegetable oil with coal and wood chunks.  I think next time we will just use coal and the paper towel.  My husband, the grill master of our home, did the flipping of the dough onto the grill.  I put the dough on oiled (learned it the hard way and lost some to the grill) parchment paper set on upside down cookie sheets.  It cooks very quickly and we did have all of our topping ready.  My dough did a decent rise on the grill, better than in my oven.

For my toppings I did a black bean, jalapeno, corn and tomato salad with pineapple tidbits and veggeroni I made.

The other pizza had roasted onions, yellow squash and rutabaga with pineapple tidbits and veggeroni.

No cheese was used since I am vegan.  Even the nonvegan members thought this was very tasty.

I am excited to use the grill again for cooking.  Since eating as a vegan our grill has been sadly under used.  I am on the lookout for other vegan recipes that use the grill and I think I am going to try this one next weekend if I can find the right mushrooms.


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