Ramping-up for the Holidays

I have officially started working on gifts for Christmas and I don’t know if I am behind or ahead.  I guess it depends on what I am making.  I have finished the gift for my mom and I know what I am doing for the girls and my sister, but my dad and husband I haven’t a clue.

This January I am going to try to make my first sweater, gulp.  I shouldn’t be intimidated, but I am.  I have already knit a lace shawl, cabled some objects and even done fair isle.  I now need to get a sweater under my knitting belt.  I also need to upload all of my finished objects on the computer so I have a record.  So many little things to do.

Yard work is also calling my name.  I have a giant shrub I need to move and it is a huge task.  It has rocks surrounding it and it is at least 10 years old, probably older.  I think I just have to do it the old-fashioned way and slowly move all the rocks one by little one and then dig through the clay soil and then replant it.  It will look great in its new home and have enough room to grow to be as big as it can grow.


Knitting Socks

Well, I have now finished my second pair of socks and I must say I am very happy with them. I used a self-stripping yarn and made sure to start both yarns in the same place and making sure that both yarns came from the same dye lot.

I went looking around for the best way to make socks. I went to the library and checked out books, looked online and asked if anyone could show me.  There are many ways to knit socks is what I mainly found out and some of them are highly complex.  I was starting to feel like to would never learn this longed for project.

After a month of searching I found this wonderful woman name Liat Gat.  She uses the magic loop method and I am hooked. I downloaded one of her e-books and away I went. I have never knitted sock before and wanted to expand from simpler knits. I easily finished the socks in about 2 weeks. She has written instructions and the video of her knitting SLOWLY shown over her shoulder are perfect.

And here they are